Gloo // Intro & Navigation

A digital growth platform designed to promote relationships between mentors and their clients through engagement, feedback and original content.


Design evangelization with leadership and engineering teams to promote and elevate a new culture of design

Complete redesign of current product and generation of new component based UI across web and native clients

Refined process and streamlined delivery from design to engineering with new tools and techniques 



A Cultural Shift

I was brought on during a period of strategic shift to help foster design thinking and reinvigorate the product with a focus on quality design. To make the case for investing this time and engergy, I partnered with the design team to produce a series of vision types that challenged current product strategy, illustrated existing friction points, streamlined core interactions, and sought to paint an aspirational picture of what the product of the future might look like.



New Navigational Paradigms

Based on known navigational issues that existed across the web and native clients, the first order of business was to redesign the application architecture to allow users the ability to have two profiles, a professional "mentor" or "coach" profile and an end user or "client" profile.


Problem Statement

We need to provide mentors the correct tool set and context, knowing that when they are operating in the perspective of a mentor, their main goal is to help others grow. We also need to provide users the correct tool set and context, knowing that when they are operating in the perspective of a client, their main goal is to grow. These perspectives are not mutually exclusive, and the ability to both grow and help others grow should be globally available at certain levels.


Detailed Design

With product team and company alignment on our navigational models and wireframe concepts, we worked across web and native clients providing detailed interaction design and visual design specifications.



iOS & Android