Helping forward thinking companies Design & Ship great digital products



Helping forward thinking companies Design & Ship great digital products


I Create User-Centered Digital Experiences for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Connected Devices.

Using research driven design techniques and agile methodologies, I work with agencies, brands, startups and teams to create products and experiences that balance thoughtful interactivity with powerful visuals.



How I Work

Designing a cohesive experience is a balance of big-picture thinking, an acute attention to detail, and empathy for the end user.



Great experiences begin with a solid understanding of the problem. I begin projects with a comprehensive research and discovery phase that helps familiarize ourselves with end users and the current landscape. Through a combination of competitive analysis, user observation, user interviews, and data analysis, we are able to make informed design decisions that provide for better experiences. 


Concept & Strategy

Informed by our research and discovery, I work with my clients to define the product strategy. I lead brainstorming, sketching and whiteboarding sessions that uncover concepts and challenge assumptions. We emerge from this phase with a clear understanding of the product’s value proposition and some hypothesis of how and why users will interact with it when we go to market. 


Interaction Design

The interaction design phase leverages our research findings and establishes how users will engage with the product or service. Through a combination of modeling, story mapping, user flows, task analysis, and detailed wireframes, we define the overall product experience and iterate on primary screens and interactions that help reduce friction and allows our users to accomplish goals with ease and delight. 



Visual Design

I'm comfortable working from existing brand guidelines, or establishing a new visual language and thoroughly documenting a comprehensive style guide and pattern library. No matter the visual styles we work from, I strive to reduce visual noise, increase readability, and simplify wherever possible. When paired with thoughtful interaction design, good visual design helps define and support the user experience, ultimately improving the usability of the product. 


Prototype & Test

From informal usability sessions to structured user testing, the more we can talk to, and learn from our users, the more successful our product is likely to be. Creating low and high fidelity prototypes is an easy and effective way to quickly test an idea without investing in a fully built experience. Testing and observing how users will interact with our product, we're able to validate assumptions, discover friction points and pivot more quickly.



As we plan for implementation, I excel at partnering with your development team, or utilizing my own resources. I enjoy working closely and collaboratively with developers and am versed in agile development practices.  Working with product managers and project managers, I fully integrate with your team to insure a seamless delivery. I execute developer-friendly style guides, mockups, and interaction / motion specs that provide for consistency and pixel perfection across the finished product.